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Ahad, 18 Oktober 2009


The 2nd annual membership drive for the International Water Rocket Association (IWRA) is being conducted during the month of October 2009. Individuals and groups that are interested in the sport of water rocketry in all its forms are invited to consider joining the IWRA.

Presently, members come from all over the world and all ages. Regardless of where you come from, what your level of enthusiasm is, we encourage you to contact us about becoming a member. The IWRA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the safe sport of water rocketry. Our organization is an internet based association to allow for the widest global input into policies that affects the water rocket community. The association also provides an educational resource for the general public in understanding the sport.

In the next year the IWRA will start to provide oversight for competitive water rocketry achievements worldwide. This past year, the association passed an comprehensive Water Rocket Achievement Recognition Guidelines and Peer-Review Process which will provide a level playing field for all water rocket enthusiasts by specifying competitive guidelines and having a peer-review process that has been developed and agreed on by the membership to provide fairness in the establishment of water rocket achievement records.

Please follow the address provided below to learn more about what the IWRA and what the association is doing to advance the sport of water rocketry.

http://www.orgsites .com/tx/icwra/ index.html
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