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Selasa, 18 Ogos 2009


Nie ada maklumat berkaitan dengan paracut untuk dikongsi bersama:-

Can you all please send details about parachutes, how to fold, which
material, do you seam the edges, is there air hole in the middle, how
many ropes from the chute to the center line, how long are these ropes
compared to the diameter,etc. etc.?

Here is a video to show how I fold my chutes
klik di sini

He does go into it a bit more than necessary, but you will get the

That's a good video Todd, that's how we fold our parachutes as well. We
very rarely get tangles with this technique.

We too use ripstop nylon for our chutes. Someone had recommended a guy
in the UK that sells lightweight ripstop nylon that is only about 35
gsm. I ended up getting 10m of it (97cm wide) 1.5 years ago and still
make parachutes out of it. This stuff is very light, strong and packs
into a small space. I ended up paying £16 for it including delivery
to Australia. I can dig up his contact details if interested.

We hemmed the first few chutes' edges, but now we just cut them out and
run the edge along a naked candle flame to stop the fraying. (Takes a
bit of practice) This is a quick and easy way to do it. Some have
suggested using a soldering iron to cut the nylon and stop the fraying
in the one go, but I have not tried this technique. This method is not
as strong of course as a hemmed edge, but we have never had problems
with it even in high speed deploys.

On smaller chutes we just use a 3cm piece of electrical tape folded over
the edge and stuck on both sides of the cloth. We then use a hole punch
to make a hole all the way through about 1cm from the edge. The tape
seems to adhere well to the nylon and have never had it come off. For
larger chutes the technique Todd mentioned is much better. We typically
use 8 or 10 lines on the parachutes with shroud line length about the
diameter of the chute. I always make the line twice as long and tie it
at opposite sides of the chute.

Try to use the thin braided nylon line like used in venetian blinds.
This stuff is very strong, ever since we started to use it we have never
broken a line.

Good luck on the rebuilds! :)

- George

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