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Rabu, 8 September 2010

Experimental Design Diagrams

Name: Alex, Josie, and Kendra HR: 7

Bottle Rockets...

The Distance the Rocket goes Depends on The Amount of Water

Amount of Water (cups)Distance of Rocket (in meters)
Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3AVERAGE Distance (m)
1 (Controlled)46424544.3

Source: Kendra, Alex, and Josie May 2009

If we have more water, then it will go the farthest, because it will have more pressure and more weight.

A. List 5 controlled variables.

The rocket, the type of launch pad, the angle of the launch, the amount of water in the nose cone (1 cup), the time, the number of wings (4)...

INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: Amount of water in the bottom/body of rocket

DEPENDENT VARIABLE: Distance of rocket.


1. Make the rocket.

2. Change amount of water in the body and record.

3. See if hypothesis is correct.

Write a one sentence summary of your experiment results here: Our hypothesis was partially correct. I think there were many errors with the wind but more water makes it go farther.

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